Holger’s QTH (Kiwi DX Lodge) is at Waimarama, not far from Havelock North and Hastings in Hawkes Bay.


The site has a fabulous takeoff over steeply sloping ground down to the Pacific to our East. That gives us a clear path to the Americas, North and South, plus Africa and Europe long path, and short path to Northern Europe, JA and most of Asia.


However, the hilltop looms about 50m above us to the West, blocking us to the West through South quadrant. Holger plans to put antennas up on the hilltop to cover Africa short path and Americas long path.


The antennas are currently:

  • 160m dipole (temporary)
  • 80m 4-square with ~100 radials per vertical
  • 40+20+15+10 multiband beams x 2 (stacked but separately rotatable)
  • 15m 5 ele beam fixed on US

It’s a very windy exposed site, 320m ASL, so antenna maintenance is a constant chore.

We use a Flex radio plus homebrewed amplifiers.

Holger is a whizz with the interlocks and semi-automated antenna switching to make multi-transmitter contesting easier.


ZL map with ZM4T 400


ZM4T - the East Coast Contest Group

Hawkes Bay, North Island, New Zealand      CQ zone 32      ITU zone 60      Locator RF80LF